The Pasadena Fire Investigator determined the cause of the fire to be accidental but that negligence could not be ruled out. (see report on the Documents page)

The Cause of the fire:

Accidental: the cause does not involve an intentional human act to ignite or spread the fire into an area where the fire should not be.  Firstly, the term “accidental”, refers simply to the “classification” of the fire cause and not the “responsibility” for the fire.

NFPA 921 states that “cause” is separate from “responsibility”:

 Questions I have regarding the Madison Fire

  • Did Glen Owens use good judgment with regard to the qualifications of the contractor he hired?
  • Was the contractor licensed and insured?
  • Were all reasonable mitigation’s done before starting brush clearing with gasoline powered tools i.e. (wetting the area to be cleared, someone standing by with a hose in case of a spark, etc.)?
  • Was this accident avoidable?
  • Why hasn’t the city instituted civil action against any or all of the parties that had some responsibility in the Madison Fire and the subsequent cost to our communities General Fund?
  • Why has this matter been swept under the rug?

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